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Options has been helping people become homeowners since 1994. Here’s how we’ve helped change people’s lives.

  • Kamiko

    "I'm the first person in my little immediate family to own a home. It's definitely something that I want to make sure that my kids have the opportunity to have as well."

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  • Cheyenne The Humber

    Getting help from Options to own a home means a lot. To be able to establish ourselves in our jobs and have a home that's ours, it means so much.

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  • Christie Heintzman Place

    I'm still VERY grateful to Options for Homes for the major financial boost when I purchased. It has had long-term positive implications on my personal finances for more than a decade and will surely benefit me and my family for all of my adult life.

  • Cassie The Humber

    When I saw that the price would be like rent but in a mortgage, and the 5% was something that I had, it felt possible. I had no idea it was something I could do.

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  • Cheryl Cranbrooke Village

    I am so happy to be able to provide a home for my children, put down roots, and start new memories.

  • Sheena & Adam The Humber

    We had resigned ourselves to renting forever. So, when we learned that purchasing could actually be possible with Options, we jumped as quickly as we could.

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  • Visha The Village By Main Station

    As a first-time homebuyer, the experience with Options for Homes has been amazing from start to finish. They really help to demystify the process of buying a condo.

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It's through stories of homeownership success that the impact of Options for Homes is truly understood. That's why we're always looking for testimonials. Are you willing to share your story? If so, please contact Options' Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications Rae Ann Fera at raeannf@optionsforhomes.ca.

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