Tim & Ing Wong-Ward


April 12, 2000

Dear Michel,

We are sending this letter to thank you for your assistance in the purchase of our home at Parliament Square. As first-time home buyers, we appreciated the time you took in answering all our questions. We also appreciated the Options sales approach. While most condo projects wanted us to sign up straight away, you informed us of all our choices and gave us enough time to think things through.

While most consumers see model suites, glossy brochures and snappy salespeople as assets, we found them to be annoying liabilities in our decision to purchase a home. We respect the Options approach of providing information in a straight-forward manner. Buying a home is a huge decision. Most condo salespeople don’t seem to understand that. Fortunately, Options does.

Finally, we were both extremely impressed with Options' commitment to making 39 Parliament accessible to people in wheelchairs. Most condo salespeople answered our questions about access with blank stares or attempted to give vague assurances. Options made every effort to understand how home-buying can be more complicated for people with disabilities. We were also very happy with the way modifications were made to make our unit wheelchair-accessible.

We believe you and your employees provide a valuable service. We wish you continued success with your future projects and thank you again.

Yours sincerely,

Tim and Ing Wong-Ward