David Sztybel, Ph.D.

The Village by High Park

November 7, 2011

To a potential purchaser,

Myself and my wife, Cassandra Prince, love living a Toronto dream life in the latest Options for Homes creation: Heintzman Place [previously named The Village by High Park], in the Junction area, which is fairly near to High Park.

Our friends comment that the lobby looks like it is part of a luxury hotel, and we feel like living here makes every day somewhat like a “spa day.” Everywhere you look you see pleasing aesthetics and practical utility—Oscar Wilde’s criteria for good household objects.

To Michael Labbé, this building is another one of his brain children. He takes very seriously his self-set mission to provide quality home ownership to those, such as ourselves, who otherwise cannot afford it. He is living his dream of creating communities of unlikely home-owners, and we are living our dream of nesting in a wonderful abode. Too good to be true? Living our dreams reveals rather that it is too real to be false. Even our animals love it. They also know a good thing when they live it.

The place is so green: what other building in Toronto has solar panels on the roof? The complex also reclaims heat from exhaust air, has motion detector lights in the garage, high energy appliances on offer, recycling and composting through a rotating chute system, a room to be dedicated to environmental education, and constantly refreshed air through perpetual fans and filtration. We find the air fresher and more oxygen-rich than other places in which we have lived. So we will be perpetual fans too, no doubt.

Ecological observers who learn of this might turn even greener with envy. A fourth floor terrace awaits landscaping. There is a million dollars worth of noise management technology as well, which means that we only hear from our neighbors when we wish to. For the very large part they are a pleasure to talk to, and as appreciative as we are.

Options for Homes saves millions of dollars off their prices avoiding expenses such as advertising, sample suites, fancy weight rooms, saunas, and so forth, and yet the daily community living that results we rank as priceless. They also provide a very hefty, interest-free assist with the down payment which only needs to be repaid if and when we sell.

We cannot commend enough this sort of project either as a model for future homes or out of appreciation of what Labbé and his crew have achieved as part of our city’s history. We are ever so grateful.

David Sztybel, Ph.D.
Owner, Heintzman Place [previously named The Village by High Park]