Arella Sohn & Buck Adamson


May 1, 2000

Dear Mike,

Now that we are well settled in our new home at Parliament Square I would like to express my sincere appreciation for what you and your company are doing in the housing market.

Your unorthodox approach to marketing housing deserves more recognition and appreciation. You have proven that slick, expensive, conspicuous advertising campaigns were not necessary to successfully sell your projects.

Using previous buyers with no sales experience and not motivated by commissioned income gave prospective buyers a low pressured situation to make this important decision.

Participation in the monthly Board of Directors meetings allowed buyers significant insight into the elements of the building and input into the final look of the building aspects that are unheard-of in traditional new construction developments.

The real test was in the result. Owners had great opportunities to get to know each other during the building period resulting in real community spirit. This matter is significant given that a common complaint from condo owners is that you never really get to know your neighbors.

One matter that must be addressed is the fact that Options for Homes brings affordable housing to the community. Because of the wide spectrum of sizes and the fact that prospective owners had the option of up-grading their respective suites the building resulted in a wonderful cross-section of residents.

We observed first-hand that having such a “democratic” and open relationship with every purchaser made your job much more difficult and more time consuming. In traditional developer-buyer relationship there is little interaction between signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and the day of occupancy.

We commend you on your insight and creativity and wish you continued success in your future ventures.


Buck Adamson
Arella Sohn