Priority Access FAQ

What does Priority Access get me?

Priority Access gets you:

  • Access to new Options condos before they launch to the public
  • A one-on-one meeting with an Options Purchase Consultant (PC) to reserve a suite at condos that are now selling
  • The ability to hold the suite of your choice following your meeting for up to 10 days
  • Access to all of the condo documents before you make your decision

During your appointment with an Options PC, you will learn about the Options homeownership model, how the downpayment boost works, review floor plans and prices, and you will have the chance to put a suite on hold.  Your PC will review all of the costs associated with purchasing an Options suite to help find the best home to fit your life. 

When you put a suite on hold, that suite is reserved for you for up to ten days while you review the condo and legal documents which will be provided to you to read at your leisure and convenience.

Each of our PCs has over 13 years of experience helping families and individuals successfully navigate the purchase of a new home. They can answer any questions you may have.

What happens after I sign a Purchase Agreement if I decide to buy the suite I reserved?

Once you sign the Purchase Agreement, your 10-Day Cooling Off period begins as per the Ontario Consumer Protection Act.

If for any reason you decide that now is not the right time to get into home ownership, and you choose not to sign the Agreement for a suite, you can cancel your reservation.  Your $100 keeps working for you as it is transferrable to any future Options condominium.  You’ll be invited to Info Sessions for future Options developments before they are released to the public.

While your Suite Reservation Deposit is non-refundable, it is transferrable to friends and family.  It is also returnable; you get your $100 back whenever you close on a new, future Options home.

What happens when I sign up for Priority Access at a Future Options Condo?

When you provide a Suite Reservation Deposit for a future Options condo, you will receive regular correspondence about all new Options condo developments as well as access to review floor plans, prices, and even reserve a suite of your choice for up to ten days before we launch the development to the general public.

Can I pay my Suite Reservation Deposit offline?

Yes, you can.  We can serve you in several ways:

1. Call us with your credit card number at 416.867.1501 x 221.
2. Come to our office to pay in person with Cash, Debit, or Credit.
3. Attend the next Condos 101 event to learn more about the process of purchasing a condo.

I need more info before I’m ready.  What are my options?

We invite you to one of our free Condos 101 events.  At these events you will be given a presentation on how Options works and will have the chance to review prices and floor plans.  To register for the next Condos 101, click here.


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