Jim Munroe

The Village by High Park

June 04, 2011

Hi there,

We closed on our home a month ago (we moved in January) and wanted to drop a line to say thanks for an amazing opportunity. The HOA and Options second mortgage made it possible for us financially, and the way the program is structured made the transition from renter to home owner to be an easy one. My daughter nowhas a room of her own and my wife and I love the building and the neighbourhood.

We have found the build quality to be better than expected. We did no upgrades, so we were expecting the minimum but were pleasantly surprised to see above-and-beyond touches like nice fixtures and the glass windowsills.

When I explain the project to friends I talk about the HOA/2nd mortgage as a "co-investment" that you guys have made with us. In some ways this explains the higher-than-expected quality since the project shares in the resale value, and thus has a vested interest. I also describe the project as a "non-profit condo" as a lot of people associate condos with gentrification and a luxury lifestyle, and calling it a non-profit gets a conversation started about what makes Options different.

Anyway, obviously I am a big advocate for the project and if I can help out in some way, please let me know.

Jim Munroe