Carolina Irigoyen

The Village by High Park

May 28, 2011

Dear Mike Labbé,

Thank you for envisioning such a great concept for home ownership! I moved from Vancouver a little over 3 years ago where the real estate prices made my dream of home ownership feel unattainable. So as I got settled in Toronto, I wondered whether my plans would again be delayed.

Then a few months after my arrival, a friend-of-a-friend told me about Options for Homes. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that unlike other developments, Options does not spend exorbitant amounts of money on marketing. Instead, Options for Homes passes on these savings to home owners because most of us have heard of it through word-of-mouth: the best type of marketing!

After attending the information session I realized that The Options for Homes model and The Village complex with its affordable condos made my dream for home ownership realistic. Still, the step of purchasing a condo was a little intimidating. Where to begin?! That’s where the great staff at Options came in. Pat Monroe worked patiently with me to break down the process into small steps: eliminate all my consumer debt; improve my credit score; create a budget that aggressively increased my down payment. In order to reach each of these goals I slowly educated myself, changing some spending habits and improving my personal finances, as a result. I’ve always thought of myself as responsible and informed, but it was still a learning process. It was a new way of thinking and I knew that the sacrifices in saving aggressively would pay off eventually.

Well, this past month I moved into my new condo. As the date approached the nervousness crept in, as I wondered what the condo looked like. I should not have worried so much! The condo is lovely and is luxurious! I feel so clever to be part of a development that has included car sharing, many bike racks, solar panels - all done within a non-profit model. It seems unbelievable.

I routinely recommend Options for Homes to other friends who are looking at becoming home owners. It’s been a learning process on so many levels and I thank you and your staff for all your hard work!


Carolina Irigoyen
Owner, The Village by High Park