Anne Hurl

The Village at Guildwood, Scarborough

December 21, 2004

To a potential purchaser,

I have been a renter for most of my life. Although I make a decent living, I never considered owing my own property. I was not one of those people who had extra money in the bank to cover the downpayment needed to own a home. Over the last five years I've received, like most people, the flyer in the mail with the offer to participate in an orientation with respect to Options for Homes, and, like most people, once it was read that was the end of that. One day I saw an article in the Toronto Star paper about Options for Homes and how they help people purchase their own home but also show how they can assist someone in achieving their dream home.

Was there an opportunity that they could help someone like me, a single person with a liminted income?  I registered for the information session. Upon arriving and hearing what they had to say I can tell you I was still a skeptic. So I went home and really thought about it. I contacted Ontario New Home Warranty Program, and Builders Association to see if they knew anything about Options for Homes. As per my research Options for Homes has been rated #1 in the last five years. I checked their web site for any additional information. I called their office and talked to knowledgeable staff and asked all the questions I needed to go the next step. I went to another information session and purchased the information booklet and video it allowed in detail any additional questions I may have had.

Purchasing a home is in itself one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. So after much considersation I signed on the dotted line, as they say. I have never looked back. I have moved out of a substantial two-bedroom apartment and am living in a shoebox to save as much as I can for my down payment. When I move into my condo I will be paying less then when I was paying full rent for the last 15 years.

The only thing that is a drawback is now I have to be wait for the completion of the building.

Anne Hurl