Bill Edwards


Dear Mike,

As 80 Mill St finally reaches closing I am finally getting around to something I've intended for some time which is to write to say thank you to you personally and to the Options for Homes staff for your work providing me with an excellent home.

After almost ten months at 80 Mill St I'm extremely pleased by the quality of life here. I'm especially happy at how quiet my apartment is - this is a major change for the better.

To have brought a project like 80 Mill St to fruition is a great achievement and I hope that you feel that your objective of providing quality homes to people of moderate incomes has been met. In my case it has and I appreciate it.

When I first signed up with Options it occurred to me that one advantage of dealing with a non-profit organization was that I would be less likely to be taken for a ride and more likely to get what I expected at the price I expected to pay. This has given me more peace of mind all along since I'm not especially good at dealing with large amounts of financial, technical and legal detail.

I'm sure there are many others like me who have benefited from not having to deal with a developer whose interest was to charge the highest price for the cheapest product but could work instead with honest and well-intentioned individuals.

Thanks very much to you and the Options for Homes staff and I wish you continued success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Edwards