How Options Can Boost Your Down Payment

Options for Homes can boost your down payment by 10-15% of the Purchase Price of your suite. The Options Down Payment Loan helps you keep your carrying costs lower by reducing the mortgage amount needed from the bank. This is an optional shared appreciation loan that is payment-free until you sell or rent out your home. All you need to pay is your portion of the down payment, at least 5% of the Purchase Price.

The Options Down Payment Loan is available to all purchasers through a partnership with Home Ownership Alternatives, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring homeownership within reach.  

When you sell, or at any time you so choose, you repay the original amount that you borrowed plus its equivalent percentage of any profit you make through the increase in the price of your suite. In other words, if your suite has increased in value by 20%, then the Options Down Payment Loan has increased in value by the same percentage.  

This is an internationally recognized and award-winning “pay it forward” model that relies on the repaid loans of previous purchasers over the past 20 years. The fund is 100% user generated and does not rely on government assistance for its success.  Repaid Options Down Payment Loans are then used to help fund new communities and keeps home ownership within reach for others.