Roland Beaubien


February 24, 2000

To a Potential Purchaser,

I am a proud and happy owner of a suite at 70 Mill Street. The Options For Homes concept, conceived by Michel Labbé made my dream of owning an affordable downtown condo a reality.

The Options For Homes process of building and owning a condo is very unique. Once I put my deposit down and realized that I was part of the process of building my future home, I was both excited and apprehensive. However, as the time went on and I attended the meetings and helped make design and construction decisions about my building, I began to enjoy it. I looked forward to that first shovelful of dirt because it symbolized that we could do this without a developer. We could build our home without paying a developer an extra $20,000. In fact, after we paid all the bills we got money back! When would a developer give you money back?

The feeling of WE during the development and construction phase translates to a comfortable sense of community once the building is occupied. Because of the development meetings, by the time I moved in I knew most of my neighbors, at least by sight. I rarely meet a stranger on the elevator and people smile when we meet. Imagine a condo 95% occupied by owners. That means that 95% of the owners care about the building and its maintenance.

I am a member of the condominium board and we have worked to keep our maintenance fees at their current level. I believe that this is possible because the owners care about their buildings. We have not increased our fees since we occupied the building. We also have a strong building reserve fund so that should building components wear down we have the money to repair or replace them.

From the start, the Options For Homes process develops a strong community concept that translates into a well maintained and comfortable home. For anyone who is looking to purchase a condo to live in, I highly recommend Options For Homes. I thank them for what they did for me and wish them success to do this for others.


Roland Beaubien